#FollowFriday: Brittany Renner aka “Bundle of Brittany”

Brittany Renner

You want to know how to look and feel good? Follow Brittany Renner.

The fitness guru inspires her followers one post at a time. With her motto, “persistence is far more important than perfection,” she created the #FitThickArmy where she challenges her followers to stay on top of their goals and attain the body they desire.

Don’t think she was born this way either. While she didn’t want to show off her own transformation she did it in hopes that it would inspire others and she couldn’t have been more right.

“Not a fan of transformation pictures but I figured if 1 person finds it encouraging then it would be worth to post I was 20 pounds overweight…it took 3 months of CONSISTENT hard work and dedication to get to the middle pic. Could of happened faster I’m sure but I wasn’t very disciplined in the beginning and would often cry and quit when my workouts were hard lol ask @CaseyTherriault “

She said in her post before revealing her current status after her hard work and dedication. Her before and after pictures show that she was your normal girl who didn’t complain about the image she saw, she worked to get the image she flaunts. And the best part is she’s au natural so if you want the nice butt don’t buy it, squat for it.

“I have NEVER had surgery of any kind so let’s clarify…I didn’t get a boob job, that’s the Bombshell bra I’m wearing from Victoria’s Secret and definitely DID NOT get lipo/fat transfers/ass shots! I don’t have anything against plastic surgery but I personally believe in achieving results THE NATURAL WAY! If I can’t work for it I don’t want it! I’m damn proud of my body and even prouder to say I accomplished this because of MY work ethic in a world where surgically enhanced bodies are becoming more prominent! You’d truly be amazed at the things you’re capable of if you just set your mind to it

If you’re a visual person that needs to see a dream body for motivation, she’ll help you achieve her goal because on a scale of 1 to 10, she’s well past the 100s.

Our #FollowFriday goes to our social media fitness motivator Brittany Renner.

Follow Her:

Fitness Instagram
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Check out a few images and videos from her Instagram.


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