Watch: The SNL Ferguson Skit You Didn’t See

ferguson skit

In light of everything that happened in Ferguson, Missouri and the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, Saturday Night Live decided to do a Ferguson Skit.

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Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong star as hosts, Kip and Jenny, for St. Louis morning TV show Rise and Smile. But they immediately find it hard to be happy in light of what’s going on. “Could we just show a rerun or something?” Thompson said trying to avoid putting on the facade.

Yet as told they try to divert the public’s attention away from reality but to no avail. From blunders like “blackies” instead of the rock band name “the Black Keys,” it was nearly impossible for the hosts to avoid unintentional puns at the Ferguson situation.

James Franco also stars in the segment as chef Darrel and he immediately made the situation worse while giving the recipe to make frittatas. “To make it healthy we’re only going to use the whites of the egg,” he said and Thompson quickly interjected. “Use the whole damn egg.”

However the icing on the cake was when they asked his last name while discussing his book in which he revealed his name was Darrel Wilson. “People don’t get to choose their names,” Franco said. “I, Darrel Wilson, am the victim here!”

Yup SNL went that far, too bad it didn’t get air time.

Unfortunately what they call “due to time” it was cut from airing during last weekend’s December 6th episode. NBC however recently released the dress rehearsal version online.

Press play to watch.



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