10 Favorite Shows on TV Right Now


Looking for a new show to get into or reaffirming that the show you are watching is in-fact, that good, check out 10 of our favorite shows on tv right now.

Queen Sugar

Outside of the fact that this show promotes women empowerment thanks to the all-female directorial team, this is a really great show that is one of a kind. We don’t know which we love more, the face that it sheds light on black farming or that it shows the dynamic of family love. This show touches on many topics that hit close for many while also educating us on the reality of being black, a black farmer, a wife, a black woman, in America.


Insecure is the first series in recent years that viewers can really relate to. From the characters to the scenarios, Insecure creates candid conversations about many topics.


Power gives a gritty look at the world of drugs from the eyes of a man who wants nothing but to leave it behind. Every episode and season viewers fall in and out of love with a character as each character shows how far they will go for the love of love and the love of money and power.

Black Lightening

Let’s talk skepticism. When Black Lightning was coming out, it felt as if it was the time to be a black superhero. First ‘Luke Cage’ then ‘Black Panther’ and now Black Lightning. But please put all your skepticism aside as Black Lightening will be a pleasant surprise. This series puts black love, black family love, and love of community at the forefront. But do not sleep, there is no shortage of highlighting the current climate of America from black on black violent to police brutality, while giving a much needed historical education of the black plight in America. Can not wait until season 2, until then we will continue to binge watch this series.


Black-ish has come a long way. While season 1 left much to be desired, if you supported it since then you will see that this series is worth all the hype people who watch it give it. It touches on important topics while giving us humor and love at the same time. The cast was magically made and their dynamic shows as they interact like a real family you know or can relate to.


Looking through the lens of an upcoming rapper in Atlanta is what this hit FX series gives you. There’s humor, there’s drama, there’s realness about this show that gives it its originality. While you can’t 100% relate to the characters wholeheartedly, you can relate to the situations and you can feel for them or cheer for them.

The Chi

Chicago gets a bad rap but there is more to The Chi than gang violence and deadly shooting. There is a sense of family, pride, and culture and that’s what this Showtime series is trying to open our eyes to. It doesn’t ignore the aspect of violence but shows there is more to Chicago than just that.

Luke Cage

Whether you are .a Marvels fan, superhero fan, or neither; give Luke Cage a try. He is not your typical superhero. He is just a black man trying to get by and also fighting against gang, drug, and police violence in his community. Not all heroes wear capes and not all heroes are white or light skinned black men. Some wear a bullet-frayed hoodie and are dark chocolate.

Dear White People

To be honest, Dear White People ALMOST didn’t make it. The series is good in a sense that it does everything right and yet it gets everything wrong. However being that I did not attend a PWI, it gives a good microscope view of what it would’ve been like had I attended a PWI and which character I may have been. Unlike other series that are direct on touching on topics such as racism, Dear White People finds an acceptable way to touch on the same topic. Yet while it’s not the way I would address it, it still touches your emotional side. I would say stick with this series. You may not always like it, but you will appreciate it’s try.


Whether you are active in the church or just love some really good family drama, Greenleaf is that show for you. I was hesitant to watch this, it comes on OWN and for years Tyler Perry’s shows reigned supreme on that network so I thought it was going to be another series similar. However after watching Queen Sugar, I decided to give this show a try and I’m so glad I did. It’s a one-of-a-kind show that is midly dramatic yet addictively entertaining.


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