A Break Down of The Cameos in Kanye West’s Famous Music Video + The Internet’s Reaction

kanye-west-famous-music-videoKeep in mind Kanye West is an artist and he’s sensitive about his shit…too bad the Internet doesn’t care.

Friday night (Jun 24), ‘Ye released the music video for “Famous,” in the most grandeur ways — at the Forum in LA and exclusively on TIDAL. It’s Kanye, so it’s cool and sort of expected. However the video, we never expected what we saw.

Kanye West’s Famous music video consists of a the world’s largest unmade bed filled with some of the world’s most controversial people asleep, naked, next to one another. It was a celebrity-version of Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep” and featured cameo from Anna Wintour, Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, George Bush, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ray J, Amber Rose, Bill Cosby, and the Wests themselves — Kanye and Kim.

He doesn’t admit whether he got their permission but in the credits, he thanks the celebrities he featured”for being famous.”

Kanye West is mums on why he chose those celebrities out of the array of celebs he could have chosen, however we are very vocal on it. Check out our breakdown below.

George Bush is the evil side of fame:

In essence, George Bush is there because he was the first person who Kanye West had one of his legendary outburst on. He’s not thanking Bush but he’s acknowledging that there is always someone — good or bad — that has helped on your journey to fame.

Anna Wintour is the fame factor:

Then comes Anna Wintour. She is the person who ultimately decides who is in the celebrity “in” crowd. Not only is she the editor of the-exclusive-to-cover Vogue magazine but she also heads the most fashionable night in Hollywood, The Met Gala.

Caitlyn Jenner is life changing side of fame:

Next up is Caitlyn Jenner. He’s a Kardashian/Jenner who changed genders and then become the face of the LGBQT community. Forget the other celebs who are actually making strides and have been for years (insert Janet Mock) or even newbie-yet-hardworking actress Laverne Cox. That’s called the politics of the being a Kardashian/Jenner famous.

Donald Trump is the political incorrectness side of fame:

Next is Donald Trump…enough said. His famous status is the reason he’s only able to continue his mockery of the presidential race.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are the controversial sides of fame:

Rihanna is famous in her own right. Hate her or love her, she works very hard for everything. However the one thing she can’t escape is her relationship with Chris Brown because that one incident seven years ago helped make her (more) famous. At least once a month her and Chris Brown make headline news in the tabloids.

Which is why Chris Brown is next to her. Brown can’t escape his 2009 incident involving Rihanna nor can he escape their relationship. His celebrity status after ’09 has been under a microscope and it’s all the perks of being famous.


Taylor Swift is the masked side of fame:

Let’s slide Taylor Swift in there. Swift is America’s sweetheart but let’s be honest, who actually heard of her before ‘Ye’s rant at the MTV awards.

We’ll wait…

Swift may be talented but it is West who made her relevant to the world. Plus it’s also a subtle jab towards the singer who said she didn’t approve of his lyrics in this very song that say, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why. I made that bitch famous.” He may not have had sex with her but he definitely did sleep with her.

We see what you did there Kanye.

Kanye West is the misunderstood side of fame:

Sleeping besides Swift is the man of the hour, Mr. Kanye West. He’s one of the most ridiculed people in Hollywood because he doesn’t follow the norm. Plus this is his music video.

Kim Kardashain is the unembarrassed side of fame:

Kim Kardashian West — appropriately — goes next to hubby because she wrote the blueprint on how to be famous without any talent. She got famous from a sextape and she turned that bad publicity into dollar signs. And along with her mother and sisters, they’ve been pimping the system ever since. You don’t have to respect her but respect her hustle.

Ray J is the scandal side of fame:

Alongside her is Ray J who was famous before the sextape but has rode the sex tape’s fame ever since. I.e. “I Hit it First” song, yeah Ray J’s relevancy remains as long as Kim remains.

Amber Rose is the misrepresentation of fame:

Amber Rose, like Chrianna, can’t escape the Kardashians — which now includes her ex – Kanye West. Her fame came from dating West and while she continues to build her own empire, at least one question in every interview somehow correlates with ‘Ye, Kim, or the rest of the clan.

Bill Cosby is the downfall of fame:

Bill Cosby worked hard for a long time his famous status but over night that very status killed his character, his hardwork, and his legacy. His controversies have changed what he will be remembered as on his famous journey.

And lastly, why are they all sleep, you may wonder? It’s because being famous is stressful and the only peace in life you get once you get your status is with sleep.

lolNow this is our breakdown, not our review. For a review of his Famous music video, we left that in the hands of the Internet. Check what they had to say below.


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