Erykah Badu Covers Mantra Magazine

Erykah Badu Mantra

If you didn’t think Erykah Badu could get any bigger check out her cover of Mantra magazine. Bringing big hair and quotable captions, the Twitter sex therapist sat down with Maranda Pleasant to talk motherhood and the happiness it brings.

“Please put that in the article,”  FatBellyBella said, “Women are gods.”

For her glossy print, she bares herself vocally as the mother of three talks being in a doula, fitness, and love, “My medicine is being in love you know, I’m in love. And when I’m in love I glow, and my face is happy, and my heart is light and happy. And my children are happy.”

Check out the soulful spread after the jump.

Photo Credit: Mantra Magazine

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