Ellen DeGeneres’ Spoof Has Everyone Calling Her Racist, Do You Agree?

Ellen DeGeneres Spoof Has Everyone Calling Her Racist, Do You Agree?

On the Ellen Degeneres Show, the host decided to do a funny spoof about Nicki Minaj’s upcoming television series.The only problem is no one found it funny, only offensive.

DeGeneres presented an “exclusive” clip from the rapper’s ABC Family series. The series, which is executive produced by Nicki will document her upbringing in Queens, New York. Trying to perfectly portray all of Minaj’s assets, the actors who starred as her family all donned humongous backsides—including the dog. Their butts were so big that the family couldn’t move around the house without dropping something.

After the clip aired, the normal positive tweets were scarce and replaced with outrage from loyal viewers.

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Do you think Twitter’s being overly sensitive or did Degeneres take it too far.


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