Was The Demise of Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short’s Marriage Foreshadowed in Their New Film ‘The End Again?’

columbus short and tanee mccall-short

Before the court orders, violent episodes reported, and divorce proceedings Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short were working on a project together. The former happy couple were both cast as leads in The End Again a short film shot in January of 2014.

Columbus stars as Joe and Tanee as Jane and the film followed a couple on the last days of their relationship as they both pack up to go their separate ways. Sound oddly familiar?

But it seems this project merely foreshadowed what was to come of their marriage. The film was shot just months before their first domestic violence occurence in March.

However drama aside, the director, Crystle C. Roberson, is looking to turn The End Again into a full length feature called OPENENDED. 

OPENENDED is set four years later when the former lovers are reunited after the death of a mutual friend for a weekend. Over the course of the two days the feature length’s characters will battle with the premise of the film, “when it comes to love, is it ever really over?”

The film maker and her team are hoping to complete their project (with at least one new lead star probably). To make this possible they started an Indie Gogo campaign. Right now they are hoping to raise 15k by November 4th, but they need a total of $1.5 million to make the film a reality.

If you want to help donate, you can here.

Press play to watch the trailer for “The End Again” below.

Watch the full short film on the next page.


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