Cutting IT: In the ATL ep5- Trophy, Sl*t, Friend.


Following the Brunch Brawl, we revisit the ladies of WEtv’s Cutting IT: In the ATL and while Dedra & Beautii J are on the outs, it looks like the feud between LaKenya & Beautii could come to an end soon…maybe.


Dedra does some self-reflecting and comes to the conclusion that the fight between her and BJ probably didn’t put her in the best light with Maja, which is something that she regrets. There’s a general consensus amongst the ladies: Everyone wants to be friends and business partners with the Minister of Weaves and we don’t blame them! Maja Sly is a woman after her coins and that’s something that we can all relate to.


Mushiya & her husband Lou celebrate 10yrs of marriage! While her and Beautii shop for lingerie, the Damn Salon owner reveals that she has a secret talent! No, it’s not holding the world record for saying “actually” the most times in one sentence. She’s a singer! We get a snippet of the very, um, special song that she wrote for her man and she tells us exactly how to keep ours: we must be a Trophy, Slut & a friend. NOTED!


Speaking of anniversaries, the Countess of Class celebrated 25 years in the hair industry or 59, depending on who you ask, and she had a party fit for a spoiled princess complete with plastic stemware and celebrity photographers! It is revealed that Mushiya let the cat out of the bag regarding Beautii’s Inspector Gadget run and that was the beginning of the end. No need for any paid entertainment.


Now, according to Dedra & LaKenya’s math, Beautii is 43 yrs old. Beautii took to Twitter to clear things up and let us know that she is still in her dirty 30s! Who knows? Beautii, regardless of your age, you look good, girl!

Per usual, the ladies were not shy about their reads. Let’s get down to the #ShadeCount

This week was a little more mild than last week but there was no shortage of shade, we counted 9 shots:

  1. “Ms. Dedra doesn’t seem like she’s wrapped too tight.”- Maja
  2. “The peaches are great. It’s the plums I don’t like.”- Dedra
  3. “It’s enough bald headed, wig wearin’ heffas in Atlanta ‘til Jesus come back.” –Maja
  4. “She faker than them lashes and that name on her birth certificate.”- Dedra
  5. “I’m the shit, always will be the shit, so stop talkin’ shit, before I zip it for you.”-Beautii
  6. “I’m gonna be a gracious host, because tricks are for kids!” – Beautii
  7. Beautii’s client attempting to switch over to the Damn side
  8. “Everybody wants to blame Dedra for all of the drama but Hello, Dedra’s not at the party.”-LaKenya
  9. Maja. 90% of the episode was her being shady boots! Especially at Beautii’s party…


Did we miss anything?

Catch Cutting IT: In the ATL Thursday nights on WEtv following Braxton Family Values

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