Move Over Nia and Taraji – These are The Most Surprising TV Co-Star Beefs of All Time

Taraji-p-henson-nia-long-co-star-beefsRumor has it Nia Long and Taraji P Henson have beef on the set of Empire.

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TMZ reports the tension stems from Nia arriving late to set one day. One of the male actors joked, “Damn, why are you on black people time?,” pissing Nia off. He tried to tell her he was joking but she didn’t stop berating him, that’s when Taraji stepped into the situation.

Henson jokingly asked Long, “What are you, on your period? Is it that time, girlfriend?”

Which–as you may have guessed it–only made things worse. Now, it’s being reported the two can barely stand each other.

Their rumored beef joins a long history of actors feuding behind the scenes. These listed feuds are surprising as their on-screen personas seemed like the best of friends, lovers, family members. But once the director yelled “cut” they were at each other’s throats.

Some of the biggest and most surprising co-star beefs have caused characters to get axed and shows to end. And years didn’t mend all of these relationships as they are still at odds today.

Check out 7 other surprising co-star beefs in TV history.

martin-gina Co-star beefs
Martin Lawrence x Tisha Campbell Martin

To this day Martin and Gina Payne are everyone’s relationship goals but their real-life personas are far from it. Their infamous feud led to the end of their hit sitcom after 5 seasons.

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Lawrence and Campbell brought their fake relationship to life when they dated in real life. However with Campbell announced her engagement to Duane Martin, her TV husband lost it. Campbell quit the show in November 1996 and filed a lawsuit against Lawrence in January 1997. She alleged he physically and emotionally abused her and sexually harassed her as well. They continued to work together until the series finale in May of that same year but would never shoot a scene together.

will smith janet hubert Co-star beefsWill Smith x Janet Hubert

Will’s relationship with his original Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air seemed loving and happy. But behind the scenes it was quite the opposite.

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NBC was ruthless when they switched out the original Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert). There was no warning. One day Aunt Viv was a tall, dark skin woman and the next she was a petite light skin woman. Rumor behind her getting the boot stems from her co-star beef with Will Smith. He, being the star of the show, forced NBC producers to choose: the star of the show or the Aunt. They chose the star.

Sarah Jessica Parker x Kim Cattrell

Sex and the City fans were crushed to know there were co-star beefs on the set of the hit series. Through out the shows run, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall often butt heads. Their feud simmered for a while only to be reignited during the filming for the second SATC film. Neither party has ever officially confirmed the validity of the tabloid fodder but SJP hinted at it in an interview by saying, long days on set led to hurt feelings.

Mariah Carey x Nicki Minaj

Before American Idol, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj had a good relationships. After AI, they became frenemies.

Their beef on American Idol led to the season being more of a celebrity reality show than a reality singing competition.  Their feud became public knowledge when a video of Minaj cursing at Mariah was leaked online. Once the video was released, Mariah Carey beefed up her security because she was fearful of her fellow judge. She also interviewed with Barbara Walters to tell her side of the feud. They remained at war with one another on screen and on Twitter until the season wrapped. And haven’t made up yet.

 Alyssa Milano x Shannen Doherty

There was nothing charming about the co-stars’ relationship on the TV series, Charmed. There are many rumors as to their strained relationship but what we do know is that Doherty was eventually fired from the show.

Producers said it was due to the former 90210 star’s salary increase demand but rumors allege Milano did the same thing Will Smith did in Fresh Prince: she gave producers the ultimatum between her or Doherty.

Isaiah Washington x Patrick Dempsey

Isaiah Washington’s infamous exit from Grey’s Anatomy was due to his use of a gay slur in reference to his gay co-star T.R. Knight. But his real beef wasn’t with Knight but actually with his fellow surgeon Patrick Dempsey.

Surprisingly there was always tension between the two but it came to a head in October 2006. They got into a verbal spat in which Washington used the slur. He vehemently denies that he called T.R. a f***** but that doesn’t mean he used the term. Unfortunately Dempsey reign victorious in getting his nemesis off the show.

Naya Rivera x Lea Michele

It’s no secret that Naya Rivera isn’t the easiest person to date…and apparently work with either. Despite their characters becoming friends-ish on Glee, they still hated one another in real life. In 2014 Rivera and Michele got into a war of words while filming an episode of Glee. There was no clear reason as to what caused the two to fight but they both complained one another was being a diva.

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