Chris Brown’s Former Inmate Card Being Sold to the Highest Bidder

chris brown's former inmate card

The Shade Room revealed some disturbing news about someone trying to make a quick come up off of Chris Brown’s low moment.

According to their reader, “an employee at the San Bernardino County Correctional Facility is auctioning Chris Brown’s former inmate card to the highest bidder.” She expressed her disdain for the seller who is auctioning the card on Facebook in a private group forum and one user “is willing to pay up to $10,000 for this card.”

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She feels this is unethical—which we do too—and is hoping some actions can be taken against the seller before they cash in on Breezy. TSR found out “that only the correctional officers have access to inmate cards” and it is considered a crime. “When you check out of a facility they revoke the card and it’s considered “theft” to leave the facility with it. This actually a crime with consequences.”

Which means the person caught with the card is up for some series repercussions. To complain, contact the San Bernardino Correction Facility.


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