[New Music] Chris Brown ft. R. Kelly ‘Drown in It’

R Kelly Chris Brown Drown in it

Chris Brown’s album wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t have the King of R&B hit a note or two. With less than a week until we have X in heavy rotation, Brown released “Drown in It” featuring R. Kelly.

A follow up to his bed wetting days, this track is the new cunnilingus anthem as Kelz opens up this NSFW track with his water visual lyrics.

“It don’t get no better, than my tongue writing you letters. Feeling you get wetter. We’ll be making love until the morning after. And I feel your tide rising, as I’m sipping from your water fountain. We gon’ flood the bed. Take it to the ground. As I’m swimming from your ocean, baby, hold my head down.”

A song that can quench your thirst with all their water metaphors, Breezy plays off of Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ with his own surfboard lingo.

“High heels and your red lips. Its very hot in here. I can sing a million ways, for me to surfboard between your legs.”

Feeling moist yet? Press play to hear “Drown in It.”
Take a listen below.


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