Central Park Five Settles on $40.75 Million Dollars

The Central park Five

Justice prevails with a hefty sum.

Yesterday (June 26) the city settled with the deemed Central Park Five.

The coined phrase refers to the five men who were wrongfully convicted of raping and beating a woman near death who was jogging in Central Park in 1989. A judgment that many felt was racially charged stripped four African American and one Latino of their early adult years.

After over 10 years of fighting their case against the city, they settled on a $40.75 million dollar lawsuit. They each are to get about $1 million for each year they were imprisoned.

“In my judgment, this settlement is a prudent and equitable solution for all parties to the lawsuit and closes a very difficult chapter in our city’s history,” Comptroller Scott Stringer said before approving the settlement.

CP5—Kharey Wise, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam were in the right place just wrong time. They were 14-16 when they were found in the park the same evening of the April 19, 1989 incident but denied having any part of the raping or assault. However after being coerced into confessing and coached on their incriminating statements, they confessed to the crime.

Despite there being no physical evidence and their statements failing to comply with one another’s story, they were still sent to jail. Their charges ranged from sexual abuse to attempted murder and their terms spanned from six to 13-years.

Luckily, in 2002, the real rapist admitted to the crime. Matias Reyes—a prisoner with a life sentence for a previous rape and murder case—confessed to attacking the jogger. His DNA was found in the woman and the now-adult-men’s charges were exonerated. However at the time all but one had completed their term.

“I’d still be doing life for something I didn’t do,” Wise, 41 (the eldest of the five) said during a rally Saturday. He had the longest sentence of the boys and was in prison when Reyes confessed.

They originally sued the city for $250 million but settled to recieve a near million per year for each was incarcerated.


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