National Weed Appreciation Day: 11 Celebs Who Really Appreciate Weed

National Weed Appreciation Day: 11 Celebs Who Really Appreciate WeedToday is National Weed Appreciation Day, find out the celebs who really appreciated weed.

Can you believe they gave weed its own holiday past the unofficial one on April 20th.

Today is actually a day to appreciate all types of weeds from dandelions to cannabis.

Since almost all types of weeds get bad press, we’re showering them with positive energy for their national holiday. I mean it’s only right, right.

While marijuana is still fighting to become legal in every state it has always been legal in Hollywood. Many celebs openly admit to doing it in interviews. And there are a few who reminisce on how long they’ve smoked. As in the case of Cameron Diaz who used to buy it from Snoop Dogg when they were in high school.

Check out all the celebs who really appreciate weed every day and not just on National Weed Appreciation Day or 4/20.

Whoopi Goldberg loves it so much she made her own marijuana company.

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If weed dispensaries starting getting celebrity advertisements, Rihanna would be the face of the brand.

Of all the celebs who really appreciated weed, Uncle Snoop tops the list.

Snoop is the OG of potheads and his prodigy is Wiz Khalifa.

We’d be surprised to learn Beyonce smokes weed (even though we think she hits the blunt a few times). But we always knew Solange loved the plant before she openly admitted it.

We’re not going to start naming all rappers who smoke because that’s pretty much all rappers but we have to include Lil Wayne.

Erykah Badu doesn’t talk much smoking unless you’re listening to her music then she’s all about the ganja.

We actually wouldn’t mind if Chris Brown paused on all narcotics consumptions but nonetheless, he loves the plant.

Morgan Freeman doesn’t mind speaking about his love of weed. He has once referred to marijuana as “god’s own weed.”

TV personality, Montell Williams is a big advocate for legalizing weed. If you join that fight, you have to really love it.

Nicki Minaj never openly smoked until recently. But she hung around Lil Wayne for many years so we weren’t surprised.


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