They Got The Key: 46 Celebrities with a key to the city

Fab has the key now.

On March 9, Fabolous was given the key to his hometown borough of Brooklyn, New York.

Fab is the most recent celebrity to get a city key but he isn’t the first, check out 25 other black celebrities with a key to the city.

Beverly Bond received the key to Rochester, New York for her work with Black Girls Rock!

Kendrick Lamars’ hometown of Compton, California gave him the key in February of last year.

Drake is really the 6ix god and because he reps his hometown so hard they gave him his own key to Toronto.

Bryson Tillers’ hometown of Louisville, Kentucky gave him the key to the city and his own day, “Bryson Tiller Day” on March 12th.

Bringing his “I Got The Keys” lines into fruition, DJ Khaled received the key to Las Vegas as well this year.


2015 was a huge year for Fetty Wap. It included him receiving the key to his city of Paterson, New Jersey.

Both Lionel Richie and Jennifer Hudson received the key to Cincinnati, Ohio this year.

After a very successful music year, Sevyn Streeter was given the key to her city of Haines City, Florida


20+ years after he released his hit track, “Dre Day,” Dr. Dre was given the key to Compton, California

Jackson, Mississippi gave T.I. the keys to their city in ’14.

Flo Rida was given the key to his hometown city of Miami Gardens, FL.


Pittsburgh saluted their hometown rapper, Mac Miller by giving him the city’s key and declared September 20 “Mac Miller Day.”

Better late than never, in 2013 Diana Ross received the key to Sarasota, Florida

It took Public Enemy to get inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame to receive the key to Durham, North Carolina.


Victor Cruz’s vital assistance in the Giants win over the Patriots in the Superbowl granted him the key to his hometown city of Paterson, New Jersey

Pitbull received another key, this time it was to the city of Kodiak, Alaska.

Lil’ Kim received her second key to a city, this time it was the key to LA for supporting her LGBTQ fans.


Big Sean says receiving the key to his City of Detroit, Michigan was one of the highlights of the year.

A year after Debbie Allen, Bill Cosby was given the key to Dallas, Texas

After years of success, Washington, DC gave Raheem DeVaughn the key to his hometown city.

Bun B was given the key to Houston and “Bun B Day” on August 30.

Despite not being from Dallas or even playing for them, Michael Vick was given the key to the city in 2011.

Aretha Franklin received the key to Cleveland, Ohio this year.


Las Vegas gave Diddy a key to the city because of his ability to throw great parties.

Her commitment to the arts granted Debbie Allen the key to Dallas, Texas. The same year Vivica A. Fox also received the key.


Miami native, Pitbull, was given the key to his city after years of chart topping hits.

Bridgeport, Connecticut handed 50 Cent the key to their city as well as gifted him with his own day, “Curtis Jackson Day.”

Model Selita Ebanks was given the key to Hollywood in 2009


Usher was given the key to New Orleans, Louisiana for his efforts and dedication to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina.

Kimora Lee Wolf (formally Simmons) was given the key to her home city of St. Louis. She was also given her own “Kimora Simmons Day,” which is on March 18.

David Banner was given the key to his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi in 2008.

Master P was given the key to Memphis Tennessee in ’08.


In 2006 Diddy was given the key to Chicago because of his efforts to help the inner city kids.

In 2006, after Three 6 Mafia won a Grammy Award for ‘Hard For a Pimp,” they were given the key to Memphis, Tennessee.

Ludacris loves him home city of Atlanta and they love him back. He was given the key to Atlanta in 2006.


Kevin Liles was given the key to his native city of Baltimore in 2005

After many hard years of work, Queen Latifah received the key to one of the cities within her home state of New Jersey.


Shaquille O’Neal and Lil Kim were both given the key to Miami in 2004.

Also in the same year, Dionne Warwick received the key to Bowling Green, Kentucky


At the age of 14, Camden, New Jersey gave Bow Wow his own key to their city.

You’re probably wondering what happened to Rah Digga. But it doesn’t matter because she already received the key to her own city of Newark, New Jersey.


Before this rapper was given keys left and right, Diddy was given his first key, the key to Miami Beach.


Michael Jackson was awarded the key to Chicago.


Whitney Houston received the key to her hometown in Newark, New Jersey.


Stevie Wonder was awarded a key to the city of Detroit, Michigan.


B.B. King received the key to Cleveland, Ohio this year.


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