After Two Police Killings, It’s Time to Call in Black [Video]

call in black

With the very recent police killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castilo, I don’t know about you but I really want to “call in black” from work.

Journalist and Youtube personality, Evelyn for the Internets expands on an interesting idea we would love to try out called “calling in black.” At the rising rate blacks are being killed, she wants to be able to call out of work so she can properly mourn the lost or beaten lives of black men and women.

“The other day when I was driving to work and I noticed water randomly pouring from my eyes. I realized something. I was grieving.”

She then used examples in which blacks were killed and/or harmed without justification.

“Swap a grown man with a teenage girl in a bathing suit. Switch the skittles for loud music or not using your turning signal or praying in a church or walking—sure the specifics might differ but watching the same narratives play out over again takes a toll.


And that’s where calling in black would be so clutch.

While this video was created a year ago, the sentiments still ring true today!

Press play to watch the video in full and let us know if you wish to call in black to mourn the black lives lost.07



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