Brianna Perry the YRB Talks New Mixtape, Meeting Beyoncé and Female Rap Beefs

celebedition-Brianna-Perry-300x450You may not be familiar with Brianna Perry yet, but your favorite artists are.

Getting approval from Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the Miami femcee is making 2013 the year of YRB (Young Rich Bandit) with the drop of her mixtape Symphony No. 9: The B Collection. She may not be as confrontational as Azealia Banks or as Freshman cover-worthy (by some standards) as Iggy Azelea, but Perry is steadily climbing to the forefront of rappers to be taken seriously.

Celeb Edition chatted with the “9″ artist about her latest ‘tape, what event recently took her breath away and one thing her fans should know about her.


Can you give a quick synopsis of your mixtape, Symphony No. 9: The B Collection?
Brianna Perry: It’s incredible. I’m really excited about it. A lot of the fans who already are following me will be able to see the growth. For the new listeners, they will get a whiff of who Brianna is, what I represent, a bit of my history, as well as a bit of newness. There’s a lot of features and just a lot of growth.

How was your career grown since first coming out?
I’ve been able to experience so many great things: being nominated for a BET award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and being apart of BET Hip Hop Cypher. I’ve been able to travel the world and see so many different countries: Singapore, Seoul Korea, Japan, Australia and just being able to touch different people and be noticed on different platforms. 2013 is going to be a very interesting year for me.

How do you feel about doing so much but still not getting recognized the way other female artist are?
We’re in a male-dominated game, so whenever you’re a female in the rap world, you have to go 10 times harder. But when you’re having fun and you have passion for whatever you’re doing, you just enjoy the ride. I have love and so much respect for everyone else who’s trying to achieve the same great thing.

How do you feel about recent female artists beefs?
I’m a person about unity and love and having respect for the past. You just understand the rules of the game and understand we have to stick together to move forward as a group, so I’m not for the cattiness. I don’t have time. I think the sole focus should be on the music, craft and bettering yourself.

Photo Credit: Chris Phelps

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