#BoycottDelta: Airline Kicks Youtuber Adam Selah Off For Speaking Arabic to His Mother

Delta Airlines Kicks Youtube Star Adam Selah and His Friends Off For Speaking Arabic to His MotherIt’s time to bring out the hashtag for a racist company: #BoycottDelta

We’re starting to realize that Delta airlines is not where it’s at. Over the past year the aforementioned airline was guilty of allowing a white man to spew his Trump rhetoric while calling everyone who wasn’t a Drumpf fan “Hillary Bitches.” Yet when someone was ill on their plane they didn’t let a black woman assist the man because the stewardess didn’t believe she was a doctor and most recently Delta kicks social media star Adam Selah and his friends and other social media stars off the plane for speaking Arabic to his mother on the phone.

In a video that was recently uploaded to Twitter by user @omgAdamSaleh, he and his friends were booted off their flight because he spoke one word in a different language to his mother. And a group of 6 white men, as Adam explains, reported his convo to the stewardess who then proceeded to kick the young men off the plane.

While some were sympathetic a few disgusting white men, we’re assuming the ones who wanted him off the flight, can be heard saying “bye” and seen waving goodbye to him as he’s being escorted off.

Adam begins filming as he’s being escorted off the plane by the police, check out his ordeal below.


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