25 Activities Blacks Shouldn’t Do Around Cops

25 activities you shouldn't do around cops

Who knew living life as a black person is something you shouldn’t do around cops.

This time last week (can you believe it’s only been a week) we were reminded—yet again—that we still have a long way to go for justice. It was revealed that another officer wouldn’t be indicted even though his death was caught on camera. That was the story of Eric Garner and the root of his crime was being black.

Following the grand jury’s decision, mother of two young boys, Ijeoma Oluo flooded her Twitter page with examples of blacks being killed by cops. None were doing anything illegal and all present examples of police misconduct.

“The series of more than two dozen messages was meant to highlight the absurdity of critics who say black people are safe if they just ‘don’t do’ things that make them look suspicious,” Oluo told NY Mag’s Intelligencer. Her tweets were all different real examples that it’s always open season on blacks lives as these people—many victims that fall in a sea of names killed by the police—didn’t get the justice they rightfully deserved. 

You can view her tweets here and flip the page to check out who she’s referring to in her tweets.


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