8 Reasons Big Sean Dodged a Bullet + Twitter Reactions

Naya Rivera Big seand dodged a bullet

Naya Rivera is beautiful, but a tad bit crazy.

She’s quick in impulse and heavy with revenge. While we thought loved her and Big Sean together, their quick courtship brought out girlfriend-from-hell qualities, its obvious the star reeks of. Her most recent celebrity stunt happened today when she revealed her new last name, “Dorsey.” While she’s beaming from ear to ear, we’re gleaming that Big Sean dodged a bullet with Naya Rivera.

We love her character on the show, but her real life persona needs major polishing. Check out how Big Sean dodged a bullet + Twitter’s reaction to her shotgun wedding below.

Mark Salling and Naya Rivera


Don’t ever cheat on her, she reportedly egged and keyed her co-star Mark Salling’s car after she found out he was seeing other girls. She also threw dog food all over it.

Naya Rivera Tweet


After her engagement ended with Big Sean, she accused him of stealing her watch on Twitter. When in reality he took back his own watch.

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey

Haste Decisions

Only three months after her and Big Sean ended she’s already married to another star, actor Ryan Dorsey.

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele


She was reportedly a diva on set and hard to work with. Lea Michele and the producers have all had issues with the Glee actress.

Naya and Big Sean

Kiss and Tells

Some juicy details are better left for the bed room, but the singer missed the memo. Thanks to her Cosmo for Latinas interview we know the dirty deets of her and Big Sean’s sex life, “We have sex in public. We have sex everywhere!” She also revealed that she had installed a stripper pole in their home.

Naya and her exes

Gets Around

Big Sean may have been her most public relationship but he’s one of many. Before becoming Mrs. Dorsey, she shared a bed with Glee writer Matthew Hodgson, co-star Mark Salling, and of course Big Sean.

Naya Rivera Big seand dodge a bullet


Naya Rivera not only married three months after her engagement to Big Sean was called off, but she married Ryan Dorsey on the same day as her prior wedding.

Naya Rivera instagram

Craves Attention

It’s obvious Naya believes sex sells. She’s showed off her sexier side with Terry Richardson and then posed butt exposed via Instagram.

Flip the page to see Twitter’s reaction to her marriage news.


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