BeyMAs: Beyonce Shuts the Stage Down + Best Tweets


Goodbye edges, Mrs. Carter has entered the building.

“Welcome to my world” the megastar said (although all we heard was “welcome to the BeyMAs”)as she proceeded to perform a melody of her self-titled surprise album.

But did we expect anything less?

When you’re a recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at the 2014 MTV VMAs, you’re expected to shut the award show down. However when you’re Beyonce, you always exceed expectation. Turning the VMAs into the BeyMAs her nearly 20-minutes show was flawless and perfectly assembled that brought joyous tears from the onlookers and Beysus herself.

Her colorful bedazzled leotard was probably the flashiest, over-the-top thing about her entire performance and we couldn’t be more in-agreement with that choice. Toning down herself, it the utmost way of perfection, she focused all attention on her ability to condense nearly the entire Mrs. Carter World Tour, On The Run Tour, and her visual album, for the millions of viewers tuned into the BeyMAs.

With memorable performances like the crunk “Flawless” (we see how you threw your epic one liner from the remix in there, Bey) “Blue” (where we watched old home videos of her mini royalty and the water works began) to her closing number, “XO,” where the dancers did nothing but embrace in an on-beat hand clap—her performance was simplicity at its best.

“The greatest living entertainer,” Jay Z said as he and Blue presented their queen with the MJ Vanguard award, following her BeyMAs performance. Then as fairytale stories end the duo sealed it with a kiss and sashayed off the stage. Missed the performance—or just want to watch its epicness again, press play below.


After her tearful performances, Twitter approved of her epic performance. Flip the page to see the funniest and best tweet reactions of her performance.


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