#ArtisttoWatch: V. Bozeman [Exclusive Interview]


After watching the premiere of Empire, the internet was buzzing about who was the lady with the powerhouse voice that opened the Fox drama series. Soon the songstress’s mentions were filled as instant fans began to find and learn more about V. Bozeman. Bozeman has been working diligently, preparing her for her time to come, and now that is has, she’s ready.

“It’s really about the perfect timing with breaking an artist and that one big break you’ve been waiting for,” she said. “[Empire’s] been a great boost and the visibility I needed to really make a big impact in the industry and I see it’s doing that. I think this is a good start.”

And should couldn’t be more right with her sentiments. Since she opened up the hit series, as much as the storyline captivates crowds, many are anxiously hoping she will appear on the show again. And luckily, fans can be reassured to know she will be returning before the season’s over. “I’ll be reoccurring back on Empire throughout the season with new songs”

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We caught up with the singer to learn about her role in Lee Daniels’ FOX hit, her music (she’ll be dropping her debut solo album this summer), working with Timbaland (“It’s absolutely surreal, I’m so blessed to be working with a living legend”), and her style. We’ve titled her our #ArtistToWatch this week because she’s more than just a pretty face but has talent that can’t be denied and depth that she won’t let get ignored.

Follow her below and learn more about her after her in our exclusive interview after the jump.





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