#ArtisttoWatch: Luke James

Luke James

It’s a bit insulting to his hard work and dedication for you to not be familiar with Luke James

— considering the New Orleans native has been working extremely hard to give good quality music. His distinct sound ensures that if you hear anything from him, you are getting an organic body of work and a piece of his artistry.

You may not know him persay but you know his penmanship. He’s written for a few of your favorites including Chris Brown’s “Crawl” and Justin Bieber’s “You Should Be With Me.” However his approach to the music industry differs completely.

Ever since he official came on the scene he’s went against the grain of any new artist. His work gave us nostalgia of that real r&b sound we’ve been yearning and he opened for Mrs. Carter World Tour—yes for Beyonce!

Now after two mixtapes, a movie (Black Nativity), and a few musical makeovers to our favorite hits he’s finally gifting us with his self-titled debut album in September.

It’s about time Luke!

Listening to him will alter your perspective that pop-infused r&b is what we’re left to bump in our headphones. If you’re not convinced by our mere worlds, flip the page to get an overdose of Mr. Wolf James.

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