Are Tahiry Rose and Joe Budden New Castmates for ‘Love & Hip-Hop’?

celebedition-Joe-Budden-and-TahiryVH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop will be returning back home to New York but not with the same cast. Two major stars, Chrissy Lampkin and Emily B, will not be returning, but model Tahiry Rose and ex-boyfriend Joe Budden are set to replace them and keep the ratings going up. Producers are also looking to have Somaya Reece, who was linked to Budden in the past, return for another season.

The backstory?

Joe Budden and Tahiry dated for 5 years until 2009 and when they broke up, Budden’s and Reece started dating for a short stint. After a few months the relationship went sour and the New Jersey rapper did what he does best: aired all of Somaya Reece’s business out on Twitter and YouTube. The Slaughterhouse emcee claimed her lunacy in his videos while she claimed he was “erectile dysfunctional” in her own webisodes. Tahiry wasn’t added into the drama until a video of her mocking Somaya Reece hit the web, and now the two models are rumored to be enemies.

It has also been rumored that Tahiry and Joey have reconciled their differences since December and are back together.

In order to keep the drama on Love and Hip Hop going, if Somaya Reece doesn’t sign on for another season, VH1 will look to cast Esther Baxter, Joe Budden’s most recent ex-girlfriend.

Needless to say, the next season will be one to watch.

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