#BlacksInTech: New App, Cop Stop Coach, is Bridging Gap with Law Enforcement

cop stop coach appThe term: “ALL COPS ARE BAD” is probably the worst sentence that can be uttered out of anyone’s mouth. Yet it is.

The misnomer that because of a few bad seeds, the entire batch is rotten, is something that based on the history between the police and people (mainly minorities) is hard to change within the minds of many people.

However, a new app, Cop Stop Coach is hoping to change all of that.

Community Tech Connect, a startup organization that is focused on creating free apps to serve the community, just announced their intentions to release their first app, Cop Stop Coach (CSC). The app was created as a solution aimed to alleviate the tension between officers and the community.

It’s not a secret that many people, for a myriad of reasons, distrust and fear the police. With CSC, the creators are hoping to combat that through the apps’ functions. Two of the apps functions are the alert and video system.


The user is able to quickly inform their pre-defined list of contacts with an automated message about being stopped and a Google map location of the stop.


If need be, the user can record their interaction with the cop(s) making sure not to hinder the officer doing his/her job and then send it to their pre-defined contact list.

Next the app includes a police rating system — which is something I love about the app. Thanks to the rise of sites like Yelp and on-demand apps like Uber, the public relies heavily on rated systems when deciding to support a company and/or person.

But what about public servants?

That’s the missing link that Community Tech Connect is including in the app. After a situation has subsided, the user can review and rate on a 5-star system the officer they just dealt with, a function that is accessible by the police as well. This is accessible on both sides because CSC is not an app against police but with police. So because there are two sides to every story, Cop Stop Coach allows police to have their own portal through the CSC website to tell their side to any good and/or bad rating they receive.

This helps differentiate the good cops from those that need to step their game up. Plus like any company that is featured on a review site, the police department can use this app to do internal improvements, if need be, on their officers.

Lastly the app has an education feature that makes sure the users are informed with laws they need to adhere to through the apps FAQ section.

The entire app works with Amazon’s Echo technology. Thanks to Amazon’s great new gadget, the app keeps a temporary record of each interaction in which the app has been used and stores it in the app’s community which can be accessed and stored by the company.

Cop Stop Coach will be released in Spring 2017 but before it can be released, Community Tech Connect, founded by cousins Daryl and Jibari Daniels, has a goal to raise $100k that will go directly to cost of maintaining and promoting the app.

They also are looking for BETA testers to test out the app before it officially releases in the APP store this Spring.

For more information and to pledge or join their beta team visit www.CopStopCoach.com.


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