15 People That Believe Antonio Martin Got What He Deserved

50 People That Believe Antonio Brown Got What He Deserved

I would love to meet someone who believes we live in a post racial society to explain this.

Last night 18-year-old Antonio Martin was killed two miles from Ferguson, Missouri. The same area that is still up in arms over the death of Mike Brown and unjust decision to let his killer walk free. Now Antonio is a new name to add to the growing roster of black men killed by police. However the difference between Mike Brown and Antonio Martin is that Antonio is said to have had a gun on him, pointed it at the officer, but never fired it. As well as the officer was said to have a body camera on him and one mounted to the dashboard of his police car but neither were recording.

Well if you think America wasn’t upset before, let’s try killing a man on Christmas Eve and wait for the reaction. However the more disturbing part is reading the reactions to those that feel he got was he deserved. Many people believe a cop should shoot to kill if someone points a gun at them—however the story around this alleged gun is still jaded.

Either way, most of Twitter has become another race war divided by cyber trolls and those paying their respect. Many are angry because another life gone, that was so young, and so close to what’s supposed to be the most happiest time of the year. Yet other’s feel Antonio Martin “got what he deserved.”

What a disturbing world we live in, flip the page to check out the 15 people that feel Antonio Martin’s life was worthless and that the many unanswered questions surrounding his death don’t matter because he got what he deserved.


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