40 Rihanna ANTI Lyrics That Make the Best Instagram Captions

rihanna anti lyrics

After months and months of waiting, Rihanna officially released her ANTI album today.

Which means by tomorrow a plethora of think pieces, reviews, and stan’s tweets will have taken over the web. But for us, we’ll be too busy finding the perfect picture to utilize our ANTI lyrics on, to pay attention to any of that.

Rihanna’s words (as raunchy or transparent as they can get) make our pictures worth 1000 words. So in honor of the album release check out the 40 ANTI lyrics that make the best Instagram captions


Consideration Ft. Sza

“I got to do things / My own way darling”

“When I look outside my window / I can’t get no peace of mind”

“Let me cover your shit in glitter / I can make it gold”

“Heard you’re tryna sell your soul, baby / But I’m not sure, you’re running low, lately / I needed you to please give my reflection a break / From the face it’s seeing now”

Work Ft. Drake

“I believed all of your dreams, adoration / You took my heart and my keys and my patience”

“You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration / You mistaken my love I brought for you for foundation”

“All that I wanted from you was to give me / Something that I never had / Something that you’ve never seen / Something that you’ve never been!”

Close to You

“Nothing but a tear, that’s all for breakfast / Watching you pretend you’re unaffected”

“No you don’t need my protection / But I’m in love, can’t blame me for checking / I look in your direction, hoping that the message goes”


“This whiskey got me feelin’ pretty / So pardon if I’m impolite”

“So I could be more creative / And come up with poetic lines / But I’m turnt up off sizz’ and “I love you” / Is the only thing that’s in my mind”

“You take me higher, higher than I’ve ever been, babe / Just come over, let’s pour a drink, babe / I hope I ain’t calling you too late”

“I wanna go back to the alleyway / But I’m drunk and still with a full ash tray / With a little bit too much to say”

Love on the Brain

“I tried to buy your pretty heart, but the price too high”

“Oh, and baby I’m fist fighting with fire / Just to get close to you / Can we burn something babe? / And I run for miles just to get a taste / Must be love on the brain”

“Must be love on the brain yeah / And it keeps cursing my name / No matter what I do / I’m no good without you”

“I’m tired of being played like a violin / What do I gotta do to get in your motherfuckin’ heart?”


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