Amber Rose Cast in New Sitcom ‘Selfie’

Amber Rose

Amber Rose will start getting paid for something we all do for free.

Putting her music aspirations aside, Amber Rose is focusing more on her acting. While her big screen debut, Nick Cannon’s comedy School Dance opens today (June 2), she’s prepping for her next role.

Mrs. Khalifa landed a role in the new ABC sitcom Selfie. The show centers around a women who’s humiliating break up goes viral and makes her a social media star. Amber was cast as Fit Brit.

Unable to keep her excitement in she confirmed her new gig with Eonline, “I’m so excited, I start shooting in August.”

This role will be a piece of cake as the mother of one is the queen of selfies. Check out the Instagram pictures that helped her prep for her new role.

All Photos Credit: Instagram

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