Alicia Keys is Readying a December Release

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

While promoting Givenchy’s new fragrance Dahlia Divin at the world’s biggest Macy’s, it was revealed Alicia Keys is reading a December release, of a baby that is.

While speaking with AP, The Voice’s advisor gushed over her new album and new addition.

“What I know for a fact is it’s the best music I’ve ever done in my life yet and it’s really exciting to be able to have this kind of growth, this type of opportunity. The music’s actually pretty much done already and so you’ll be hearing some of it soon.”

Soon may not or may not be before 2015 but it definitely won’t be the last month of the year. The only due date she’s confidant of is her new addition. Without revealing the sex to the reporters she did dish on the month of her birth.

“December album? Well, I know one thing. I’m having a December baby,” said Keys, who knows the sex of the baby, but would not share it.

We can’t wait to see if Egypt will be getting a younger brother or sister. ICYMI, press play to watch a pre-pregnant Alicia Keys in a commercial for Dahlia Divin.


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