25 Actors Who Could’ve Played Venus and Serena Williams’ Dad Over Will Smith

25 Actors Who Could've Played Venus and Serena Williams' Dad Over Will SmithLet’s get this out the way, and fast.

Like Charlamagne says, I’m a Winfrey-Carter-Knowles-Pinkett-Smith.

I love Will Smith and everything he does. I believe, like Denzel Washington, he has the ability to portray into any human being. He proves that it’s not always how close you resemble but how well you transcend into the role. However this new role, there are at least 25 actors who could’ve played Venus and Serena Williams’ dad over Will Smith.

Simply based on complexion.

Becuase (and ignoring the fact that this role may be at the request of Richard Williams) while we know Will Smith is a dynamic actor and person, he is just too light skin to play this role when there are enough actors who could’ve played Venus and Serena Williams’ dad. Actors who have the acting chops and are closer in hue than he is. And in a Hollywood world where whitewashing and lighting skin is a thing, it would be great to see this done correct, not just by someone who will guarantee a great performance.

Especially when there are 25 other actors who could’ve played Venus and Serena Williams dad.


Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge is such an underrated, amazing actor and if given this role, I’m pretty sure he’d knock it out the box office!

Lyriq Bent

Bent is quite enjoyable in She’s Gotta Have It, he would be a good guy to give a chance in this role.

Trevante Rhodes

Rhodes is by far my favorite new actor out. He’s shown so much versatility and he’s only been in a few roles, which proves he’s up for any challenge thrown his way.

Y’Lan Noel

Age-wise, they would have to age him for later parts of the film, but since this is about Richard Williams’ story on how he raised Serena and Venus to the great level they are now, Y’Lan should be given a shot to show us his acting chops.

Daniel Kaluuya

Was Get Out not enough to know Kaluuya has the chops to deliver any role given to him?

 Winston Duke

While Duke is stocky, he’s talented with a capital T; this scene stealer would do this role justice and should be in the running, we’re just saying.

Chadwick Boseman

Boseman has proven he can properly do a biopic (ahem, 42)

Omar Epps

I know, y’all are thinking “yeah, why not Omar Epps”…so are we.

Derek Luke

If you’ve seen Derek Luke in enough roles, you know he’s an actor that studies his craft and delivers.

Sean Blakemore

Unless you are a General Hospital fan, you may not be familiar with Blakemore’s resume but just know, he’d be perfect for this role.

Idris Elba

Elba, as well has done a good job portraying a real life figure and he also would transform into Richard Williams well.

David Oyelowo

So we’re just going to ignore that he definitely was a top five Martin Luther King, Jr in Selma? Oh, okay…he must be too busy to star in this film.

Anthony Mackie

Mackie has proven he has the acting chops, so why not give him a chance to star in this?

Denzel Washington

I mean c’mon, Denzel, complexion-wise, acting-wise, biopic-wise — he tops all three categories.

John David Washington

If father Washington is too old to play the part (although he’ll never be too old), maybe his off-spring should be given the chance, let’s face it John David did DELIVER with Blackkklansman.

Lakeith Stanfield

It seems like Stanfield is selective in his acting roles and so far we’re for it. We’d love for him to show us what he’s got in this role as well.

Corey Hawkins

Hawkins’ career is still early and he’s already shown us he can play various roles that require various emotions and play the hell out those roles.

John Boyega

Boyega may be young, but he’s talented enough to take direction and transcend into this role. He just needs the opportunity.

Wesley Snipe

Anyone who doesn’t this Wesley Snipes would be a good candidate in this role is fooling.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

After 12 Years a Slave, anything Ejiofor is in, I’m watching.


While its been a while since we’ve seen Leon in much, Leon has the talents and the look to deliver a great performance.

Sterling K. Brown

This is Us…enough said.

Lance Gross

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gross in something and it’s like all he needs is a good director to take him there so Lance can show the world how talented he is.

Mahershala Ali

Mmmm…I don’t know how I feel about him after his role in The Greenbook, but there’s no denying Ali can act.

Lennie James

So we’re just going to act like James hasn’t proven he’s a good enough actor to be considered for this role.


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