A Sneak Peak Into Angelina Jolie’s New Movie ‘By The Sea’


Brad and Angelina Jolie Pitt are back to business in Jolie’s, By The Sea, and since Celeb Edition got a chance to check it out before its official debut, we figured, we’d give you a quick blurb on what you can expect to see.

For starters, although the two love birds filmed this movie on their honeymoon, it isn’t exactly the fairy-tale, love story, you might be looking for. In fact, it’s the the exact opposite, filled with few, passionate highs and consistently low, lows. That being said, movie goers, you’ll have to open your minds a little lot to the other side of love you hope to never experience.

Roland, an American writer, spends day in and day out looking for inspiration, as he struggles with writer’s block.

In reference to the plot line, the movie is set in France at a beautiful, seaside hotel during the 70s. It explores the life of an accomplished writer, Roland, who’s stagnant in his career and his emotionally, wrought wife, Vanessa, who’s a retired dancer. While the two have shared countless years together, they painfully struggle with what evidently appears to be a love lost.

A very miserable Vanessa
A very miserable Vanessa dealing with the agony and frustration in her marriage

To avoid spilling the beans, in sum, this movie will make you realize everything you don’t want out of love, marriage, and life with your significant other. You may even find yourselves flashing back to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, begging the question of why this couldn’t be that.

But I digress…

See below for the full trailer, that’ll leave you speechless, and be sure to catch the movie in select theaters November 13th and nationwide November 20th!


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