6 TV Shows You Should Be Watching But Probably Aren’t

6-TV-Shows-You-Should-Be-Watching-But-Probably-Aren't copyThere is a lot of trash tv out there.

Like A LOT.

Between “reality TV” to remakes it seems like everyone in Hollywood has gotten lazy with being original. It’s like all they care to make is something that’s been done before. So when you reach a plateau of disappointment and decide to brand out to non-cult following TV shows or remakes of an 80s movie, you find there are TV shows you should be watching. And boom, TV has become good again.

Here are 6 tv shows you should be watching but probably aren’t.

The Good Fight (CBS)

So I never saw The Good Wife, but The Good Fight is a gem of a TV show. Everyone’s role is a match made in heaven. There is a mix of comedy, realism, and black excellence and they don’t skate on acknowledging racial issues. The series is only two seasons in but I see it having a long future.

On My Block (Netflix)

It took me a while to actually watch On My Block thanks to all the great advertising Netflix did on this series (can you hear my sarcasm). However as soon as I stumbled on the 30 minute series, I was instantly hooked. Within each 30 minute episode and 10-episode season, they’ve packed in a series of storylines without overwhelming us at the same time. And each storyline is separate from the other one (which is refreshing) and every character’s story is dedicated to bring that specific emotion out of you. Please get into this series so it can survive the Netflix 2 season bug that has been going around.

Black Lightning

If you follow Blex_Media on Instagram then you would know how great Black Lightning is. The family dynamic, black love, and topics they subtly yet directly address are a few of the many reasons I love this series. It’s been renewed for a third season with no sign of slowing down, so binge watch the first two seasons (season 2 ends March 18th) to catch up ahead of season three.

Queen Sugar

There are so many great qualities about this series that resides outside of the realm of on-screen. Behind the scenes there is a diverse set of women directors, directing each episode. The series itself is dynamic with the casting, writing, and overall storyline. Plus it bring to light the history of black farmers, which is a storyline that I’ve yet to see on any TV screen.

A Million Little Things

Where do I begin with A Million Little Things…Each story line is great and all but the storyline of Rome and Regina is the storyline is my favorite. The two are facing struggles that any creative, couple, or black person can relate to. Those topics are whether to follow your dreams vs. stability in your career, mental health and its taboo within the black family, and to be a parent or not to be a parent. Overall the series is one that tugs at all your emotions and discusses topics that everyone can relate to watching.


I’m the first person to admit that when I saw ads for Greenleaf, the words “soap opera” came to mind and thankfully I was wrong. While this is a family drama, it’s also a family drama with an impressive and surprising storyline. It touches on topics that are rarely discussed or done in such an intelligent manner. And the casting is phenomenal, it’s one of those shows that everyone just seems to fit in so well. I CAN NOT WAIT until season 4.


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