50 Cent Blast Trey Songz Over Stephanie Moseley’s Death

50 cent trey songz stephanie moseley

Where there’s drama and The Money Team involved, some how 50 cent isn’t too far behind.

As the puzzle to Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes’ marital life are trying to get pieced together following the murder-suicide that took both their lives, 50 Cent chimes in.

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Yesterday TMZ reported that Trey Songz was part of the reason Earl shot and killed his wife, Stephanie. According to sources, Hayes accused his wife of cheating with Trey Songz. Unbeknownst to Trey—or unbothered by the rumors—offered his condolences via Twitter, “R.I.P babygirl. Once an angel on earth, now watching over us from Heaven. You’ll b missed but never forgotten. Love.”


Now 50 Cent’s is putting his two quarters in the situation. After offering a semi-peace treaty with his friend-turned-foe Floyd Mayweather, he blasted the r&b crooner and accused him of being a pimp. He posted a picture of Trey’s album cover on Instagram with the caption, “Trey how you get all in this sh! T man. Talking like a pimp, Baby you was a angel here on earth an now in the sky. youl be missed but never forgotten. LOVE ? Call my phone”


The Virginia native has yet to address these allegations and no word from Fifty if he called his phone. Maybe it’s time Trey Songz stops referring to himself as “Mr. Steal Your Girl.”



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