15 Life Lessons Clair Huxtable Taught Us

Phylicia Rashad

No other TV mom left more of an effect on viewers as Clair Huxtable. You can debate it and try to dispel it but the truth—which should be a fact—is Phylicia Rashad’s character on The Cosby Show was an quintessential example of a wife, mother, and friend.

She represented for the average women in an era where the females on TV didn’t look like her and if they did they didn’t have the resume she had. She demanded respect but also gave it where it was due. She knew how to speak on a level where kids understood her but also discipline her kids where they feared her. And she never made her husband feel neglect but spoiled and proud he had a women like her to go home to.

Mrs. Huxtable was in a class all her own and she held her position quite stylish if you ask us. Today the mother we all wish we had turns 66 today and we’re celebrating her birthday with 15 life lessons.

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