15 Celebs Who Should Never Participate in a Twitter Q&A

Robin Thicke Twitter Q&A

Twitter Q&A’s are for some people but not the ones that agree to them.

Its not that hard to realize, the more negative attention you have had the less you should speak. We know it’s all about fan-to-celeb engagement but sometimes too much interaction doesn’t reap any rewards.

Lets take Robin Thicke for an example. His high school sweetheart separated from him because of his indiscretions and then he went on a musical redemption to win her back. So for months we had to hear him whine over every track, interview, and social media post. Then he decided the best promo idea was a Twitter #AskThicke segment? Who missed those red flags? His ego was chewed up, spit out, and stomped on before the foolery ended (hours past the Q&A).

Or the most recent publicity fail with Karrueche. While she, herself isn’t controversial, her love triangle between Chris Brown and Rihanna is. It also makes her the butt—as we all seen—of many jokes.

However he’s not the only celebrity with a tainted image that fell trap to this Twitter mockery. Don’t have a Draya, R. Kelly, Karrueche, or Robin moment via Twitter.

Here’s our list of celebrities that should avoid Twitter Q&As.

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