21 Reasons You’re The Basic Friend

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We all have a bit of basic in us.

You can’t help the things we love even if it makes you the basic friend. Don’t worry you’re in a class of many.

If we’re obsessed with an artist, we turn into a stan, if we love a drink, we tend to OD, and our penchant for bad boys is our guilty pleasure. Surfing the IG wave we stumbled across one of their many memes,”Things hoes love.” We couldn’t stop laughing because whether we could relate to all or none (more of the latter) we knew someone who could.

But even they didn’t hit the nail on the head. Despite most the stereotypical statements ringing true, some obvious ones were missing. Finish your week off with a hearty laugh and check out the basic things women love.

Photo Credits: Tumblr, Instagram

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