10 Petitions They Should Start Instead of Blue Ivy’s Hair

Jay Z and Blue

With all that’s going on in the world, a petition on Blue Ivy’s hair opens the conversation that there’s too much emphasis on celebrities and less on what’s going on around you. Change.org was created as a platform to evoke someone to make social change.

Unless you live in a tight sealed bubble concealed in a dark room there are more things pressing than whether a toddler’s hair is combed (which, shocker, we’re pretty sure it is). However with a major complaint on this superficial Change.org we have a solution. Instead of signing J.T.’s request for mini Bey lets create or (if created) sign petitions that will help everyone’s community as a whole. This is just a start, if we missed something don’t tell us, go to Change.org and create it.

  1. Funding for community outreach programs to end of black on black crimes.
  2. More scholarships based on financial needs.
  3. Proper health care for families that can’t afford it.
  4. Better programs to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  5. Ban ratchet reality shows and use of the n-word in music
  6. Programs to help end obesity for those with financial issues and others in general.
  7. Healthier and cheaper breakfast and lunch options in public schools.
  8. Help end sex trafficking in the United States
  9. Aid with the adoption of orphan kids throughout the US
  10.  More jobs for people who’ve served time in jail.

Jibari Daniels

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